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Spring Writing Weekend near Stonehenge

20th-21st April 2024 at A Little Place - Fairlawn House, Amesbury

Are you an aspiring creative writer looking for new ways to unlock your imagination and transform your ideas onto the page? If so, you have come to the right place!

Notebook and pen
Spring Writing Weekend

The theme of this Spring Writing Weekend is nature and imagination. Led by experienced tutor, author, and Untold Stories Academy founder, Francesca Tyer, it is aimed at those looking for ways to unlock their creative potential and harness the power of the written word.

About the weekend:

You’ll spend Saturday afternoon immersing yourself in a wonderful world of imagination, learning tools and techniques to enhance mental images and transform your ideas onto the page. You will read inspirational passages, experiment with sensory prompts, and share thoughts and inspirations with the group. In the evening, you are invited to join an optional story-sharing experience where you will be asked to share a favourite prose extract or poem for the group to discuss. During the evening, you can enjoy a sushi meal or Mezze Board too!

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration to many writers and on Sunday morning, armed with a notebook and pen, you will venture outdoors for a walk around the local area. You will be encouraged to write down any intriguing sights and sounds you encounter along your path. In the afternoon, you will join your final workshop where you will use the observations from your walk to create an imaginative piece of writing.

You can expect to come away from the weekend with a group of writer friends, a full notebook, a new or renewed sense of confidence in your writing abilities, and plenty of tools to help you set out on your writing journey.

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