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Poetry for Wellbeing: A creative writing workshop for adults

Friday 10th November from 1.30-4pm at Fisherton Mill, Salisbury (UK)

About the workshop: Poetry is a powerful tool that allows us to explore and communicate the joys and challenges that shape our lives. Poetry for Wellbeing draws upon the power of words to create insights, growth and healing.

A simple prompt can inspire imagination and self-expression to flow freely. During this workshop, you will be provided with the tools to unlock your imagination and explore your own experiences through cathartic creative writing. No prior knowledge of poetry is required; you simply need a willingness to reflect and experiment with words. There is no obligation to share your work but group discussion will be encouraged to nurture wellbeing, creativity, confidence and self-expression.

About your tutor: Francesca Tyer is a Salisbury-based young adult author and poet. She is also the founder of the Untold Stories Academy, a business through which she offers creative writing workshops and editing/mentoring support to writers of all ages and abilities. Through this workshop, she shares lived experience about how poetry and writing can help to process life’s challenges and improve personal wellbeing. Her mission is to inspire readers and writers through stories.

Francesca has worked with adults at all stages of their writing careers, including beginner creative writers, first-time novelists and those with multiple publications to their name. The Untold Stories Academy grew out of her experience as a freelance editor, tutor, content writer and publishing company co-director.



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