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Francesca Tyer

My name is Francesca Tyer and I am the founder of the Untold Stories Academy. 

I am a young adult fantasy author, workshop facilitator, editor and writing mentor. I am passionate about helping writers at all stages of their journey. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy reading, walking, baking, and playing music. My favourite book (one of them anyway) is All Our Broken Idols by Paul Cooper. I enjoy walks with a view, my favourite cake to bake is lemon drizzle (and to eat), and I play violin and piano. I also enjoy gardening and spending time with family.

Untold Stories Academy

The mission


I believe in the power of telling stories.


My mission is to help new and established writers of all ages and abilities unlock their untold stories.

Whatever stage of your writing journey, the Academy can help you to become a better writer, explore the power of the written word and achieve your writing dreams.


  • Creative writing courses & workshops for children and adults.

  • Editing & proofreading for new and experienced writers.

  • Mentoring for new and aspiring writers.


Salisbury workshops
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