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29 Writing Prompts for February

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the motivation to write regularly, especially if you're not working on a project or are new to the writing process. Using prompts is a great way to encourage ideas and to get yourself writing on a daily basis.

  1. Write down three writing goals you would like to achieve this month.

  2. Write a poem of any style titled 'Snowdrops'.

  3. Brainstorm as many words as possible that you associate with February.

  4. Describe the month of February using the words you brainstormed yesterday.

  5. Write a description of the sky outside your window.

  6. Write a poem in the shape of a heart.

  7. Write about what love means to you.

  8. Brainstorm as many words as you can think of connected to the theme of love.

  9. Write a haiku about love.

  10. Write a story starting with the words: Snow had fallen...

  11. Describe your favourite place in the world.

  12. Write a poem of any style titled 'Heartbreak'.

  13. Write a story about pancakes in honour of Pancake Day!

  14. Write a letter to someone special in your life.

  15. Freewrite for five minutes on the theme of love.

  16. Write a story with a romantic twist.

  17. Describe a romantic date you've been on (old or new).

  18. Describe a self-love habit you would like to start taking seriously.

  19. Write a story set in February.

  20. What book are you reading at the moment? Write a review of it.

  21. Read a poem or listen to a song you like and write what you feel about it.

  22. Write a poem titled: Spring is coming.

  23. Go for a walk and write a description about it using the five senses.

  24. Write a list of colours you associate with February. Look out of your window if it helps!

  25. Describe a frosty landscape.

  26. Write a story about a freezing day. You could use your description from yesterday.

  27. Go out in your garden or for a walk. Pick up a nature-related object e.g. a leaf or snail shell and describe it.

  28. Write a poem about hope.

  29. Write a story titled 'Leap Year'.

Feel free to comment with your ideas!


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