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The power of imagination creative writing workshop Salisbury

Imagination enables us to experience different realities; through it we can appreciate different perspectives, travel to new places and visualise possible futures. Whether conceiving realist or abstract concepts, our imaginative scope is almost limitless. Accessing that potential isn’t always easy. For writers, mental ‘blocks’ often stem from an inability to piece together images and concepts in their minds. Knowing how to capture the essence of an image or idea and transform it into writing requires practice and knowledge of the right tools.

The Power of Imagination writing workshop encourages you to enhance your imaginative abilities, explore new ideas, and experiment with language. Through a series of focused exercises, you will be taught how to unlock the power of your imagination.

About your tutor:

Francesca Tyer is a Salisbury-based young adult author and founder of the Untold Stories Academy which offers creative writing workshops and editorial/mentoring support to writers of all ages and abilities. Her mission is to inspire readers and writers through stories. Francesca has worked with adults at all stages of their writing careers, including beginner creative writers, first time novelists and those with multiple publications to their name. The Untold Stories Academy grew out of her experience as a freelance editor, tutor, content writer and publishing company co-director.​

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