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Rookwood School


"Francesca came to our school to work with both our Y10 and 11 students, as well as the whole of our KS2 department; the focus was on creative writing, inspired by her own novels; I was lucky enough to be in with the Y3 and Y4 workshop.

Francesca began her session with a reading from her first book "Firestone" and the children were hooked from the beginning.  They were desperate to know what happened next and asked lots of questions.  Francesca gave them time to express their ideas and gave positive feedback to everyone.  Providing them with real objects produced from a mystery box was a winning idea and the children responded with imagination and creativity, producing work which they were then keen to continue back in the classroom. I would recommend Francesca to any school as she was kind, friendly and approachable and the children are keenly reading her books still."

Claire Abraham, teacher

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