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The Art of Writing

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

‘Writers write not only out of want, but out of a need to release the stories inside their heads that beg to be written.’

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In today’s world, there are more writers and authors than ever before. We live in a time when publishing a book is relatively easy – though the work that goes into writing a manuscript should not be underestimated. While most authors have their own unique writing methods, there are certain practices that are more universally implemented.

Sharing experiences means writers can give each other a sense of hope and help each other to improve. Writers and authors are never perfect; even the best and most successful authors continue to learn their craft. Whether eight or eighty, all of us are constantly learning how to improve ourselves and our work. Accepting help and advice from those who have been through similar experiences helps us to understand and develop ourselves.

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I fell in love with words and stories before I knew how to write. I would sit in my room filling the pages of my notebook with scribbles that only I could understand. These early imaginings paved the way for the many poems, stories and plays I wrote during childhood. At the age of eight I wrote my first ‘book’ – a ten page manuscript that strongly resembled Enid Blyton’s work.

Famous authors have often spoken about the power of reading and how, to develop true writing craft, one must read many books. Literary skill can be learnt in many ways – courses, workshops, tutoring, continual practise – but reading is at the top of the list. I firmly believe that reading and being read to as a child sparked much of my desire to write and share the magic of reading with others.

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The human capacity to communicate through language is a privilege and a gift. Authors can indulge in that privilege, learning to wield language as a magician learns to wield tricks. In playing with language, authors begin to identify their ‘literary voice – what makes their work unique. Our ‘voice’ is susceptible to change as we grow. As a child, it changes more frequently, but even as adults, it continues to shift and adapt. The human ability to change the way we think and feel, however old we are, is a gift. The more experiences we have, the stronger our voices can become.

Writers write not only out of want, but out of a need to release the stories inside their heads that beg to be written. As the inner voice becomes stronger, so does the need to tell stories. Like many of my fellow authors, I live part-time in my imagination. Wherever I am and whoever I’m with, I’m continually mapping out stories in my mind. As a child, I would lie awake at night and write down ideas on an A4 sheet tacked to my bedside table. The voice that cannot be silenced should not be silenced and must be allowed to break free.

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In all my years of writing, deep down I never stopped believing that I would achieve my end goal, despite the inevitable bouts of self-doubt. I often felt close, but with the rejections that came with wanting to be published, it was difficult to see the hope. But when writing is a passion, through and through, giving up isn’t really a part of the picture.

The problem is that somewhere, many of us assume that getting the dream should be easy. We look at others and think, ‘Well they did it.’ I still think that sometimes, but I know that everyone is on their own journey and has their own challenges. I achieved my dream of becoming an author, but it didn’t just happen. I worked hard, researched the publishing process and dealt with numerous rejections before finally signing my first author contract. Even though I have achieved one aspect of my dream, that doesn’t mean I don’t have new goals to achieve and new dreams to discover.

So, to every aspiring writer out there, my message is don’t give up. There is no shame in rejection, in losing hope, in taking the time to pause and to rest. But I say this: if you are truly a writer, and if you want it enough, keep going and keep believing. Only you can make it happen, and you never know what lies around the corner.



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