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Novel Writing for Beginners

Creative writing for adults 


29th January 2024

8 weeks, 16 hours (2 hours each week)

Online (Zoom)



Send an email to book by clicking on the button above. You will be invoiced for the ticket amount and sent your booking policy, ticket and Zoom link. 

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Stories waiting to be told

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have an idea for a novel but you’re not sure where to start?  

Novel Writing for Beginners is an 8-week structured course for first-time writers. While you don’t need any formal creative writing experience to join, you must be at a stage where you feel ready to begin your first novel.

On this course, you will learn the tools and techniques to help you bring your writing to life on the page. You will be taught how to plan and write the first draft of your first novel, how to construct a compelling narrative, and how to build your writing career with a clear sense of purpose.

Knowing how to capture the essence of an image or idea and transform it into writing requires practice and knowledge of the right tools. During each two-hour session, you will learn how to hone your writing skills through focused exercises and active discussions. Your tutor will guide you in peer-to-peer feedback sessions as well as providing individual feedback on work completed during and in between sessions.

The course is limited to 10 participants, allowing room for focused group discussions and individual feedback.  

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This course will cover…

Session 1: Introduction to novel writing | 29th Jan

Learn how to unlock your imagination, find inspiration, and develop a unique idea.

Session 2: Planning and plotting | 5th Feb 

Learn how to create a comprehensive plan for your novel and develop an effective plot structure. 

Session 3: World-building | 12th Feb

Learn how to visualise scenes and settings and bring them to life on the page. 

Session 4: Characterisation | 19th Feb

Learn how to create three-dimensional characters and deal with voice, narration and point of view.

Session 5: Novel openings | 26th Feb

Learn how to write an effective opening and how to develop your story from it. 

Session 6: The art of writing | 4th Mar

Learn how to be a writer: to find and maintain your voice, develop a schedule and maintain motivation. 

Session 7: The art of editing | 11th Mar

Learn the tools to self-edit your work (reviewing structure, language and the finer details). 

Session 8: Finishing up and next steps | 18th Mar

Learn how to set targets and take your novel from draft to draft, edit to edit, and set publication targets. 

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What you will get: 

  • Two hours of workshop time per week

  • Individual 'in lesson' attention from your tutor

  • Participation in focused group discussions 

  • Exercises to complete at home in between sessions 

  • General tutor feedback

  • Guided peer-to-peer feedback

  • Access to summarised lesson notes

  • A short, individualised plan for your next steps

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About your tutor:

Francesca Tyer is a Wiltshire-based young adult author and founder of the Untold Stories Academy. Her mission is to inspire readers and writers through stories.

Francesca has worked with adults at all stages of their writing careers, including beginner creative writers, first-time novelists and those with multiple publications to their name. The Untold Stories Academy grew out of her experience as a freelance editor, English tutor, content writer and publishing company co-director.

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"Every live wire needs an earth and Francesca Tyer has been just that for Destiny’s Boot. To put it another way, if I was adamant that I wanted to swim the Channel, she would be in the support boat with snacks and a compass ... I am incredibly grateful for her voice of reason, technical knowhow."


F. J. Mitchell, first time author

"Francesca is very patient and encouraging. She really helped me gain the tools I needed to write the stories I created. She was truly invested in me doing well on the course and she helped me achieve the grade I wanted."

Sue A, Open University 

"I’m a first-time YA writer.

Francesca has been a great help and encouragement in editing my manuscript focusing me on inconsistencies and highlighting rewrites for me to concentrate on rather than having to grapple with the whole work. I have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Nigel Calvert, first time author

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